Church of St. Joseph, Turin

The present Church of St. Joseph in Turin was dedicated by the Most Rev. John McCormack, Bishop of Meath, on Saturday 17th March, 1973. It was built by John Flanagan of Tullamore.

It is the latest of a number of churches at Turin. The altar, bell, stations of the cross, stained glass windows and the holy water font at the belfry side door are all from the old church which still stands beside it.

The old church at Turin, also dedicated to St. Joseph, was built in 1830. Like the Church of the Assumption, it was an ’emancipation church.’ It replaced a church built in 1780, which itself replaced an existing mud-walled thatched building. The holy water font dated 1819, built into the belfry wall of the new church probably came from the 1780 church.